Division of Marital Assets

What Happens to Marital Property in a Divorce?

Marital property division can be extremely complex. Many questions need to be answered. How much is each asset worth? When was the property obtained? Which assets are most important to you?

At the law firm of Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C., we take pride in our ability to give you an honest assessment of your case. We will set realistic expectations while working hard to pursue the outcome that is best for you.

Separate Property or Community Property?

Characterization is frequently one of the most challenging issues when it comes to marital property division during Divorce Practice. Should an asset be characterized as separate property or community property?

Separate property refers to assets you acquired prior to the marriage, through inheritance, or by gift during the marriage. It can also refer to items purchased during the marriage with money that you had prior to the marriage or with an inheritance. Proving that a piece of property is separate can take a great deal of research and may require financial tracing experts, usually CPAs.

Basically, community property refers to all property acquired during the marriage. This property needs to be divided.

Valuation and Division of Marital Property

In order to properly divide property, we need to understand how much it is worth. We will take great care to do so.

When the time comes for actual division of the property, it is never a matter of splitting everything in half. It is a matter of splitting property fairly. Our lawyers will work to achieve a fair division of all types of marital property, including:

Our experience allows us to handle very complex issues, such as cases involving allegations of marital fraud and hidden assets. We know the steps to take to pursue the outcome that is right for you.

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