Domestic Abuse

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Family violence is a serious matter. Whether you are in an abusive relationship, or are facing false allegations of domestic abuse, you need an experienced lawyer who is on your side. The Houston family law firm of Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C., offers experienced, straightforward legal representation to individuals and families who find themselves in these difficult situations.

almost 30 years of Experience in Houston's Courts

Our law firm has served clients throughout the Houston area for almost 30 years. We are familiar with the prosecutors and the customs of the local courts, so we know how to represent clients throughout the Houston area that are in delicate cases involving spousal abuse and other domestic abuse.

Our attorneys have helped people who are hurting and who are stuck in the vicious cycle of returning to an abusive relationship. We have also helped people who are facing serious domestic assault allegations and the consequences of a protective order. We have helped people just like you.

Legal Help for Victims of Abuse

A protective order can provide much needed protection for victims of family violence. If the court finds that domestic abuse has occurred and is likely to occur in the future, a protective order will be filed with the court and served on the other person, prohibiting the other person from coming near you, your place of employment or your children.

If you have been the subject of abuse, it is important to get the legal help you need to get out of the situation or to prevent future abuse. However, the legal system is frequently taken advantage of by individuals seeking to gain leverage in a Divorce Practice or Child custody case. It is important to recognize the impact of domestic abuse allegations. Once the court has ordered protection, joint managing conservatorship can no longer be ordered by the court in custody determinations, even if that is what is in the best interests of the children involved.

Legal Help for People Accused of Abuse

Many times, domestic abuse cases start out when a fight escalates to the point that the police are called. One person will be arrested and thrown into jail, and a temporary protective order is filed against that person shortly afterward - without a hearing where that person can state his or her side of the case.

If you are arrested for domestic or spousal abuse, you can be thrown out of your house and ordered to stay away from your spouse/significant other and children until the court takes further action. Without the representation of an experienced lawyer, a protective order could be extended up to two years. You will be restricted from possessing any firearms during the period of protection and could face other harsh ramifications.

If you are in the midst of a child custody dispute, you could face restrictions that will affect you and your children for years to come. Call us.

Restraining Orders and Divorce

In addition to the protective orders used in situations of family violence, the court also uses restraining orders and temporary injunctions in non-violent situations, especially in cases involving divorce. The court uses temporary orders throughout divorce proceedings that address temporary child custody, support, incurring debt and other important issues.

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Our attorneys listen. Regardless of what side you are on, we are here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, provide you with an honest assessment of your case and protect your interests throughout the case.

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