Marital Fraud & Hidden Assets

Marital Fraud & Hidden Assets in Divorce | Houston Lawyer

We Will Try to Find All Property to Make Divorce Fair

Unfortunately, divorce can make people do deceitful things. People may try hiding money and property so that they don't have to give it up in the divorce settlement.

At the law firm of Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C., our attorneys will try to address marital fraud and hidden assets claims. We know the steps to take to demonstrate whether all marriage assets are present and accounted for so that we can try to achieve a fair division of property.

How People Engage in Fraud and Hide Assets

When Divorce Practice is filed, an injunction is put in place stating that transactions are to be limited to what is normal and customary. Anything else may be an attempt to commit fraud and create hidden assets. Some examples include:

  • Putting a small business in the name of another family member
  • Giving a significant amount of money to a friend in the guise of paying off an old debt — a debt that didn't really exist
  • Transferring money to the bank accounts of distant cousins or other relatives
  • Buying a car for a new boyfriend or girlfriend

How We Can Fight Fraud and Hidden Assets

Our lawyers may take steps along the lines of sending copies of the injunction to banks and other parties in order to make them aware that no large transactions are to take place.

Temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions are usually requested to prevent money from being spent, wasted, hidden or to prevent assets from being given away.

In serious cases, we can file a separate lawsuit against a third party in order to recover assets that have been hidden. We have the experience to aggressively protect your assets and strive for a fair outcome in your divorce.

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