Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement Houston Attorney

You Have the Right to Protect Your Assets

Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements are gaining in popularity. This is because more and more people realize that they have the right to protect their assets. You have that right, too.

At the law firm of Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C., our attorneys have almost 30 years of experience helping people in Houston and the surrounding region. Our experience means that we know how to prepare customized documents designed to meet your needs.

Why Are Premarital and Postmarital Agreements Important?

These agreements are not about greed or mistrust. They are about being prepared. A divorce can be expensive, partially because of all of the time that needs to be spent sorting through assets and determining what is separate property, what is community property, and who gets what. All of that can be accomplished with one single document, for much less money.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement outlines what property belongs to whom. It defines who will get what in the case of a divorce. Essentially, it protects you and your assets and may protect parties who marry someone with many debts.

Making Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Airtight

If care is not used in the creation of these documents, they can be overturned very easily. Our lawyers know how to design agreements that will stand up to any challenge that may come along.

One of the critical elements is to make certain that both parties have an attorney to represent them. We will represent you. The other party will have an unbiased representative who can ensure that the document is in their best interest. We will make the agreement count.

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