Houston Paternity Lawyers

When you have questions about obtaining child support, becoming more involved in your child’s life, submitting to DNA testing or other paternity-related issues, you need an attorney who will give you straight answers. You need an attorney who will give you honest advice while pursuing the best possible outcome in your paternity case.

At the Houston law firm of Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C., our attorneys represent mothers and fathers in pursuing or contesting paternity actions in family court.

Paternity establishes a legal parent-child relationship between father and child. Without first establishing parentage, the court cannot order child support or address issues of child custody, visitation rights or other legal issues.

  • Fathers’ rights: We represent a broad spectrum of clients facing paternity actions. We represent dads who want to become more involved by establishing paternity and obtaining rights to visitation or child custody. We also represent men who are contesting paternity and have been ordered to submit to DNA testing.
  • Mothers’ rights: We represent single mothers seeking child support to raise their child. We also represent mothers who want the child’s father to become more involved in the child’s life.

Once paternity is established, child support will be ordered according to Texas child support guidelines. Although the court may order back support, the judge will use discretion in the length of time back support will include — if a mother is pursuing child support for a 16-year-old child, the court will likely not order 16 years of accrued back support.


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